Brede Parish Council


More dog waste issues
31st March 2017

Problems with inconsiderate dog walkers.

We have been contacted by Brede School with regard to the staff having to remove dog waste from in front of the fence and gates to the school on almost a daily basis.

There is no excuse for this, as there is a dog waste bin over the road next to the telephone box, or failing that, wrapped waste can be put in any of the bins (eg. directly opposite the school on the fence of the Recreation Ground) or taken home and put in the household waste (black) bin.

As well as being unpleasant when trodden through the school, dog waste poses a health threat to children due to parasites contained in it.

It has also been brought to our notice that some people are exercising their dogs on the Recreation Ground.

Dogs are not allowed on the Recreation Ground (Bye Law), for this reason, as the children of the school use it as a sports field as well as the children of the village who play there.