Brede Parish Council


Brede PArish Nominations
14th January 2019

Every year the Parish Council has a meeting in the village hall to report

to the parish the things that they have (or have not) achieved. Most

years the turnout by parishioners is rather low, this year we thought we

could put a bit more interest into itů.


We would like you to nominate people from the village who you think

have put that bit extra in to improve and enhance the village and help


The list of categories for these nominations are:-

 Young Person of The Year Award. In recognition of a young person doing something amazing or achieving something.

 Community Spirit Award. Awarded to someone who brings a

Community Spirit to the Parish.

 Brede Shield. Awarded to a person/persons or group who contribute to enhance the community. This will be an annual award.

Nominations for ALL categories can be sent by email to: