Brede Parish Council


Playground Boat
25th September 2019

The "BOAT" on the Recreational Ground has unfortunately become unfit for purpose. and therefore will be closed off.

Unfortunately the BOAT on the Recreational Ground has had to be closed whilst we review our options on this.


We have all the equipment on the recreational ground independently inspected and over the past few years the BOAT has been mentioned as not being fit for purpose and over a number of years we have had it repaired to meet the standards. But now it has got to the point where just repairing it may not be enough for it to pass inspection.


So for now the Parish Council has taken the difficult decision to fence off the boat off. Our priority must be the safety of all that use the equipment on the Recreational Ground.


This is now to be put on our AGENDA for the next Parish Council Meeting on the 29th October 2019 @ 19:30 in the Village Hall. Where we will discuss ALL options including replacing and repairing etc etc


Please do come along if you have any ideas on this subject we welcome all and everyone's ideas.